Featured Rider of the Week – Travis Ogburn

Travis Ogburn – Work Hard Play Hard


Name: Travis Ogburn

Age: 43

Hometown: Palm Desert, California

Series raced: Transworld Race Series

Sponsors: Budget Blinds of Las Vegas, Enzo Suspension, WeBig Inc., Motoseat, Pinnedmotosports, Sin City Moto.

Travis Ogburn has been a lifelong lover of all things motocross. Travis started riding at the age of 13 years old, lining up at the gate with some of most influential motocross racers like Craig Decker, Jeff Zagorski, and Chris Wheeler. Today, Travis Ogburn owns Budget Blinds of Las Vegas and Reno, sponsors younger riders as they pursue their passion for racing, and he also competes himself. After taking 15 years off from racing due to a back injury, Travis has recently returned from “just play riding” to racing in the Transworld Motocross series in Southern California.

The Terra Firma Transworld Series lasted for 5 rounds, and was a two moto format. Travis decided to race two different classes, 450 Beg and 40+ Beg, making it a long day of racing in the California sunshine. We asked Travis what he loves most about the sport, he said, “Meeting new people at all the different tracks, racing, and of course getting away from all of life’s daily pressures. When I am at the starting gate it is like tunnel vision, and I just feel like I’m right where I belong.”

Brett Stevens (left) Travis Ogburn (right)

After 16 gate drops over a 3 month span, Travis would ultimately clench a championship in 40+ and a second place for the series in 450 Beg. Making his return to racing a successful series. We asked Travis what was the most challenging thing to deal with when racing 4 moto’s? He said, “The most challenging thing was when the moto’s were so close to each other I barely got a chance to take my helmet off, let alone cool down in 100+ degree heat. Oh, and the 4 hour haul home back to Las Vegas is always fun after a long day of racing.” Travis regularly travels the 4 hour drive back and forth to California just to ride every weekend simply because Nevada has no motocross tracks. Now that is dedication.

In between races, Travis is busy building his family business famously known as Budget Blinds. The Ogburn’s own all the territories for Budget Blinds in Nevada. Travis’s parents Dave, Maryellen, and son Cody Ogburn run the franchise in Reno while Travis and his dedicated team run the location in Las Vegas. Owning a Business is never an easy task, we asked Travis what advice he would give to people starting their own business? He said, “Patience. There’s a lot of hard work and hours that you will put in, but in time if you keep at it, it will pay off.”

While Travis runs a company and continues to race on his free time, he also enjoys sponsoring younger riders as they pursue their race careers. Travis sponsors three female motocross athletes and one professional off-road racer from Las Vegas; Taylor Heiman, Darian Hickey, Casandra Gavin and Justin Wallis. We asked Travis why he decided to sponsor various riders? He states, “I like to sponsor riders because I always like to see people succeed at what they have a passion for. I know the love I have for this sport and it is really great to see that love continue on from rider to rider.”

What do you want to see for the future of the motorsports industry?

Travis states, “Now that the market is starting to blow up again its great to see bigger turn outs at various races. I also love to see all the mini’s on the line they are the future, and man are they little rippers. It would be great to see more women get involved in the sport as well, I think once the industry see’s the value of having female motocross athletes on the team, it will take the industry to a whole new level.”

Travis Ogburn is 43 years young, and doesn’t plan to hang up the boots anytime soon. In 2019 he plans to continue racing the Transworld series as well as venture off on to other series in Southern California.


“All for the fun of it.” -Travis Ogburn


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