Featured Rider of the Week – Tyler Sharp

Tyler Sharp – Making His Own Path

Tyler Sharp

Name: Tyler Sharp

Age: 21

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Series raced: WORCS, local MX races.

Sponsors: Pinnedmotosports, Mika Metals, Ryno Power, Yoshimura, Mobius, Acerbis, Magura.

Tyler Sharp is a remarkable young man who is not only a lover of all things two wheels but also a business owner. Tyler is the owner of Pinnedmotosports, a graphics design company that not only makes 100% custom dirt bike graphics, but also stickers, T-shirts, iPhone skins, and so much more. Pinnedmotosports started in 2013 and Tyler has taken off with it, if you can think of it he can create it.

We asked Tyler where he draws his inspiration for Pinnedmotosports from, he said, “I’ve always been into creating things with my hands and graphic design. Once I got into moto, seeing all the bike with graphics inspired me to do my own. What started out as just a hobby is now a business that I enjoy.”

Pinnedmotosports graphics

Starting your own business is never an easy task, while Tyler is doing something that he enjoys there are many challenges. Tyler states, “The challenges for me are using the highest quality materials, while still maintaining a price that is competitive in the market, sometimes we may get a challenging design request from a customer but we always come through.” Pinnedmotosports uses the best quality material in order for his designs to be long lasting, and have happy and loyal customers.

While trying to ride consistently, training for his next race, he is also running his own business. He must manage orders, meet new clients, create art, and execute the overall design in order for business to run smoothly on a day to day basis. Overcoming obstacles is nothing new to Tyler, from business to riding he always comes out on top.

We asked Tyler what the biggest obstacle he has had to overcome in his motorsports career? He said, “The biggest obstacle for me to overcome in my motorsports career would be self-belief and getting comfortable with speed. I’ve learned that when you put in the work, time, and effort you get results but it’s when you truly believe in yourself and visualize where you want to be combined with the effort put in, that’s when it all comes together and you get the real progression.”

Tyler Sharp is creating is own lane as he is shaking things up in the graphics design world. While he puts in the time to train on the bike, he also burns midnight oil in order to ensure his business is running smoothly and customers are happy with the end result. His graphics not only represent his customer, but also their sponsors. We asked Tyler what his opinion was on having proper sponsor representation, he said, “I feel like in order to represent a sponsor properly you need to be well-spoken, carry yourself in a positive manner, and always be willing promote the people that support you.”

Tyler Sharp is one to watch as he is making his own path, and understands the importance of being a reliable sponsored rider as he has his own sponsored riders as well.

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