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Ladies from Vegas 2 Reno, Team Aggie

Team #289 Sierra Aguilera, Jodi Heiman, Darian Hickey, and Amber West win the 300 Open Amateur class in Best in the Desert – Vegas 2 Reno.

Left: Jodi Heiman, Sierra Aguilera, Darian Hickey, Amber West. Taken by: Jillian Goodart @goodartphotos

The all women’s motorcycle race team took on the longest and most grueling race in the United States, Best in the Desert – Vegas 2 Reno. The race is 530 miles of some of the most exhilarating desert racing the nation has to offer, but it is also the most challenging. The four women team geared up early on Friday, August 17th 2018 to head to the starting line. Jodi Heiman would start the race towards the back of the motorcycle class, starting within 30 second intervals of each other.

Taken by: Jillian Goodart @goodartphotos

The race began at 6:45am for Team #289, from this point on the all women’s race team would be allowed 24 hours to complete the race, where they were not only racing against the clock, but the trophy trucks as well. The trophy trucks are set off 6 hours after all bikes and quads, but going 100+ mph through the desert they end up catching up to riders quickly throughout the day. The girls knew they needed to be on the gas, they all kept a consistent speed, flying through the desert heading to each of the 14 pit stops.

Left: Sierra Aguilera, Taylor Heiman, Jodi Heiman, Darian Hickey, Amber West

Each rider would average 120-140 miles of the 530 mile race, it is a very long day for the not only the riders but for their dedicated pit crew as well. Team #298 rode remarkable as they did not get caught by the leading trophy truck until the last 50 miles of the race. Sierra Aguilera would  finish the last 40 miles, maneuvering through rock gardens and treacherous terrain. Sierra crossed the finish line at approximately 6:30 pm on Friday evening, 12:31:41 after the race started. Sierra is overcome with emotion after 12 and a half grueling hours and states, “I kept my goggles on because I was in tears. This was a feeling I had been striving for and a race I have been dying to complete. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience racing my first ever Vegas to Reno.” The girls had absolutely no mechanical problems all day, not even a flat tire, anyone who rides off-road should invest in a pair of Nitromousse.

Taken by: Harlen Foley – Best in the Desert

After 12 and a half hours of racing team #289 would finish 49th out of 85 motorcycles, and don’t forget these ladies started from practically dead last, they were on the gas. Not only did these women just conquer the longest race in the United States, taking 1st in 300 Amateur, they also clinched the 300 Amateur championship in the Best in the Desert series! The all women’s team will definitely be back in 2019 to compete in the series again, they hope to inspire other women to join the fun and get out on the line.

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