Joey Savatgy Takes on Monster Energy Cup

The Shot at a Million Dollars

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Name: Joey Savatgy
Location: California
Age: 24
Social media: @versacesavatgy17
Sponsors: Monster Energy Kawasaki, Pro Circuit, AllSports Dynamics, Alpinestar, Just1racing, Dunlop, Renthal.

Joey Savatgy made his debut in the 450 class at Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Savatgy would be a title contender for the Monster Million. Savatgy started moto 1 with a holeshot and finished the race in 5th. Moto 2 he finished in 6th. Moto 3 Savatgy pulled another holeshot and was leading the entire race until the last lap where Eli Tomac passed him and became one Million dollars richer. A confidence booster for Savatgy heading into the 2019 supercross season in the 450 class.

Before the race began, Pressbox MX had a few moments to gain some valuable marketing insights with Joey Savatgy and get his take on social media engagement.

Feld Entertainment, Inc.

We asked Savatgy his take on engaging with the fans on social media.

He said, “It’s essential the fans are the ones who fill the seats and pay the money for the tickets. At the end of the day, they are your fans, and they are the ones who keep the sport going. I think fan interaction and engagement is significant. A little attention goes a long way.”

In qualifying practice Savatgy came in 3rd for fasted time, making him a force to be reckoned with for the main event. The best Supercross racers in the world are competing for a chance at a Million dollars. The stakes are high with that kind of life-changing money on the line. We asked Savatgy what his take is on tonight’s race.

Savatgy states, “We started on the right foot which is always a good way to start things, but our job is far from done and starts tonight are going to be very crucial. With the track being so fast it’s going to be tough to pass in areas, which is going to make it tougher than what it is normally and with there being not whoops or rhythm lanes it makes it that much tougher. Regardless of how we qualified either first or last, the race tonight is where it counts.”

Our next question for Savatgy was when a race does not go as planned how essential it is to still get on social media and address to the fans what happened?
He states, “I think it is important sometimes it’s not what they want to hear and unfortunately not every weekend is going to be ideal, you’re going to have those races that you wish you didn’t have. At the end of the day, all I can do personally is give it everything I have and put my best foot forward. If I do that I can put my head on the pillow at night, I go to sleep and not have any regrets about it. The fans are either going to appreciate it or not appreciate it; you have to roll with it.”

Savatgy is someone a lot of younger athletes admire. We asked him what one piece of advice he would tell them as they try to get to the next level is?
He expresses, “I think this is some advice I can use myself as well, always have to fun with it. Remember why you started. At the end of the day, there is a lot of people around you who want to see you do well, but you need to do it for you. If you do it for you, you’ll end up in a better spot than if you are doing it for everyone else.”

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